A high-quality, tailored and flexible translation service that not only communicates, but also helps you to present a good image, convey style and confidence and to sell. Professional translations in a broad range of languages by highly-qualified mother-tongue translators. Sent directly to the place of the client’s choice.

Do you require a quality translation…

… that fully conveys what you mean?

… that not only communicates, but also creates a good image, style and confidence and helps you to sell?

All our translations are done by specialised translators who always translate into their mother tongue; they are subsequently reviewed by a second translator, in accordance with the UNE-EN-15038-2006 quality standard.


Legal and sworn/certified translation
There is no room for error with legal translations. Our specialised legal translators and the certification procedures we apply ensure the utmost accuracy. We translate contracts, power of attorney deeds, byelaws, annual accounts, reports, academic qualifications and certificates of all kinds (birth, marriage, death, etc.), as well as many other types of documents.

Website translation
A European Commission study found that 90% of Internet users only browse in their mother tongue, and that 42% would never buy anything from a website that was not translated into their language. A website in just one language means losing a host of business opportunities.

Technical translation
We work with the best technical translators, who are experts in the main fields of specialisation. We translate all kinds of materials: machinery handbooks, technical instructions, data safety sheets, medical documentation, etc.

Voice-overs and subtitles
Audio-visual communication is constantly growing and companies are opting for new ways of selling their products. At LINK we subtitle and voice-over any type of material, from product demonstrations and advertisements to corporate videos.


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What process does a translation follow?


  1. Initial client request
    Upon receiving your project, we evaluate the specific requirements of the job and estimate both its cost and the time it will take to complete.
  2. Planning and assignment of resources
    Once the client has accepted the quotation, the job is assigned to the translator best suited to the requirements of the project: our translation services are rendered by highly-qualified mother-tongue professionals who specialise in different fields of terminology. We guarantee scrupulous observance with delivery deadlines and total confidentiality.
  3. Translation
    We offer a personalised and flexible translation service that takes into consideration local singularities and the specific ways of acting and thinking of each place.
  4. Quality control
    Our team of reviewers checks the text to ensure that it meets the requirements of correct syntax and grammar, style and terminological consistency with the original.
  5. Feedback
    As far as we are concerned, a project does not end when the translation is delivered. Your observations help us to improve the process with a view to future projects.
  6. Traceability
    Our project management program gives us a clear view at all times of the status of the project entrusted to us.


We keep a record of your projects for at least three years in the event you should need to recover them.

Entrust us with your translations! Write to us at

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LINK Link Multilingüe SL

Telèfon: +34 972 221 721 / 699 725 966