A high-quality, tailored and flexible translation service that not only communicates, but also helps you to present a good image, convey style and confidence and to sell. Professional translations in a broad range of languages by highly-qualified mother-tongue translators. Sent directly to the place of the client’s choice.


Do you require a quality translation…

… that fully conveys what you mean?

… that not only communicates, but also creates a good image, style and confidence and helps you to sell?

All our translations are done by specialised translators who always translate into their mother tongue; they are subsequently reviewed by a second translator, in accordance with the UNE-EN-15038-2006 quality standard.


Legal and sworn/certified translation
There is no room for error with legal translations. Our specialised legal translators and the certification procedures we apply ensure the utmost accuracy. We translate contracts, power of attorney deeds, byelaws, annual accounts, reports, academic qualifications and certificates of all kinds (birth, marriage, death, etc.), as well as many other types of documents.

Website translation
A European Commission study found that 90% of Internet users only browse in their mother tongue, and that 42% would never buy anything from a website that was not translated into their language. A website in just one language means losing a host of business opportunities.

Technical translation
We work with the best technical translators, who are experts in the main fields of specialisation. We translate all kinds of materials: machinery handbooks, technical instructions, data safety sheets, medical documentation, etc.

Voice-overs and subtitles
Audio-visual communication is constantly growing and companies are opting for new ways of selling their products. At LINK we subtitle and voice-over any type of material, from product demonstrations and advertisements to corporate videos.


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What process does a translation follow?


  1. Initial client request
    Upon receiving your project, we evaluate the specific requirements of the job and estimate both its cost and the time it will take to complete.
  2. Planning and assignment of resources
    Once the client has accepted the quotation, the job is assigned to the translator best suited to the requirements of the project: our translation services are rendered by highly-qualified mother-tongue professionals who specialise in different fields of terminology. We guarantee scrupulous observance with delivery deadlines and total confidentiality.
  3. Translation
    We offer a personalised and flexible translation service that takes into consideration local singularities and the specific ways of acting and thinking of each place.
  4. Quality control
    Our team of reviewers checks the text to ensure that it meets the requirements of correct syntax and grammar, style and terminological consistency with the original.
  5. Feedback
    As far as we are concerned, a project does not end when the translation is delivered. Your observations help us to improve the process with a view to future projects.
  6. Traceability
    Our project management program gives us a clear view at all times of the status of the project entrusted to us.


We keep a record of your projects for at least three years in the event you should need to recover them.

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Review / proofreading

A professional review/proofreading service to eliminate both spelling mistakes and to improve the syntax and style of your text before it is sent to the publishers.


Do you need to publish a text?
Are you preparing an important document? 

Our reviewers/proofreaders are professionals who correct spelling mistakes and errors of syntax and style before the text is sent to the publishers.

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We transcribe presentations, corporate videos, etc. regardless of the media upon which they are recorded and with or without translation.


We can also superimpose voice-overs and subtitles.

Audio-visual communication is constantly growing and companies are opting for new ways of selling their products. We deal with any type of material, ranging from product demonstrations to advertisements and corporate videos.

We will save you time and misunderstandings!


A professional interpreting service helps to ensure the success of your congress or event. We provide highly-experienced interpreters for congresses, court, business meetings, training sessions, etc. We travel anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula.


We offer the following types of interpreting:

  1. Simultaneous
    The interpreter translates what the speaker is saying as the speech is being delivered. Interpreters work in a soundproofed booth and the audience listens using the receiver they are provided.
    Besides the interpreter, special equipment is required: booths, microphones, amplifiers, receivers, etc., which we can also arrange.
    If you so wish, we can also produce a transcription of the presentations, once the event has ended.
  2. Consecutive
    The speaker pauses for the interpreter to translate. This type of interpreting is ideal for press conferences, short presentations, opening ceremonies, etc. and does not require any special equipment.
  3. Liaison
    The interpreter accompanies the client on visits and at work inspections, audits, meetings or business lunches and translates consecutively or whispers, depending on the type of event.
  4. Whispered interpreting
    In whispered interpreting, the interpreter sits very close to the listener and whispers the translation while the speaker is talking; it is simultaneous and involves neither a booth nor PA system. It is only apt for two people at the most, as the interpreter can disturb other listeners.
  5. Technical material
    We can arrange the hire of technical material such as booths, microphones, receivers, PA system, etc.

Translation FAQs

How should I send you the text I want translated?
How should I send you a document of which I require a sworn/certified translation?
How long does it take to complete a translation?


How should I send you the text I want translated?

Simply send us the text by email ( or by fax (972 220 689). We will send you a quotation in writing, and once we have received your approval, will begin the translation. Unless agreed otherwise, it will be returned to you by email in Word format. 

How should I send you a document of which I require a sworn/certified translation?

Bring us the original document and a photocopy of it, or send it to us by fax (972 220 689) or email (, making sure that you have included the complete text (check whether there are stamps or apostilles on the back!). We will send you a quotation, and upon receiving your approval, will go ahead with the translation. When it is ready, we will contact you to arrange how to deliver it (remember that you need the original translation, signed and stamped).

How long does it take to complete a translation?

The delivery time depends on the language combination, the complexity of the text and, ultimately, the availability of the translator.

We normally complete sworn translations of certificates within five days at the most. Should you require a translation more quickly, however, we will do everything we can to help you. Please call us on 972 221 721 or 972 227 744 to arrange this.

Feedback / Els nostres clients

We have been working with LINK since 1998 and their customer service is always professional, efficient and very amenable. Having people at the other end of the line who speak the same language is crucial!

Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí

We wish to express our satisfaction with the excellent service received every time we have required their services. We very much appreciate how easy it is to deal with their staff, the great professionalism, quality and observance of deadlines. Traduccions LINK will therefore continue to be our tried and trusted supplier.

Zoetis Spain SLU

Their reliability as professionals and respect for our deadlines means we have now been working with LINK for almost 20 years.

Iglésies Associats, Disseny i Comunicació

Ajuntament de Girona

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To produce a good translation, the translator must have the appropriate training and experience, and be positively committed to a job well done, dedicated and attentive to detail. We place high demands on our translators: they must be efficient and professional, and always meet the agreed deadlines.

In return, we try to give them all the support they need, and endeavor to forge long-lasting relationships with them to ensure that we obtain the best possible result.

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LINK Link Multilingüe SL
c/ Oriol Martorell, 40 1r 1a · 17003 Girona
Telèfon: +34 972 221 721 / 972 227 744